About Counselling

I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and work with individuals to help them in their progression towards a feeling of wholeness. This might come from working through negative patterns of behaviour, conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that impact one or more areas of their life.

In a safe and private environment, you will have the opportunity to explore your innermost thoughts, feelings, and behaviours without judgement. Sometimes these thoughts may come from traumatic events that have happened at a particular stage in your life that you are very aware of, in other cases, they can be more unconscious and triggered unexpectedly. I will work with empathy, warmth, and care to help you understand how these feelings might be causing you pain or discomfort, which in turn, can lead to lasting change.

Please call me to arrange an initial discussion, which can be done in person, by telephone or by video call; this will be free of charge and last for between 20 and 30 minutes.  If we decide to work with each other, sessions will usually be weekly with regular reviews.

It is important to remember that each session is your time and not mine!

Each session is 1 hour and the cost for this is £50.

Payment is made by bank transfer 48 hours before each session.

Availability ... I currently have availability from 4pm to 7pm on Tuesday and 4pm to 7pm on Thursday. I will aim to respond to enquiries within 48 hours, however it will usually be quicker.

Cancellations ... I operate a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment over 48-hours in advance, you will not be charged for the missed session. If you cancel after that time the full fee will be charged.

Exceptional circumstances ... I recognise that emergencies happen, pease let me know as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, I will try to offer you a session within the next couple of days.

If I cancel ... Occasionally, circumstances might prevent me from delivering a session as agreed. I will give you as much notice as possible if this happens. I will not charge you for appointments I cancel and will do my best to re-book at a time that best suits you.